General conditions

Article 1 - Object:

Van d’Ouest offers training in basket making and cooking as well as walking trips for individuals, associations, schools, etc… whose various formats are presented on its web site, which is located at: The content of the training, its location, dates and times, as well as prices are presented on the web site.
The purchase of one or more products implies acceptance, without reservation, on the part of the client, of the present general conditions of sale that are in force on the date of registration, as they appear on the web site.
The client guarantees that they have the legal capacity in order validly to enter into a contract for the products and services offered by Van d’Ouest.

Article 2 - Registration:

Registration is via the internet site, by email or telephone, subject to availability of places. Registration can be implemented, so long as there are places available, by booking on the Van d’Ouest web site.
Registration becomes definitive on receipt of a confirmation email from Van d’Ouest and following payment by the client using the Paypal secured online payment system, or by bank transfer. Upon request, payment can be made in cash on the first day of the service provided. Van d’Ouest reserves the right to cancel the booking if the identity of the client, or their email address are inaccurate.

Article 3 - Tariffs and arrangements for payment:

The sale price is the price that appears on the Van d’Ouest web site on the date of the booking. Prices are expressed in euros and are inclusive.
Payment of the price is due upon registration, following confirmation by Van d’Ouest, and at the latest by the date, and at the place of the meeting. By application of the Law of 4 August 2008, any sum not paid 30 days after the booking shall give rise, without the requirement of prior notice, to the payment of late payment interest charges at the rate of three times the legal rate in force.
Payment may be made in cash (in euros or Épis), by bank transfer or by secured payment via the Van d’Ouest web site.

Article 4 - Cancellation:

Any cancellation by the client during the week preceding the training entails that the client may only recover 60% of the total cost of the training. For certain types of training, the cancellation period is 1 month. In this case, this is clearly stipulated in the training documentation.

Article 5 - Liability:

Van d’Ouest reserves the right to cancel training or a trip in the event of an instance of force majeure, and such a cancellation cannot entail its liability.
The client recognises and accepts that the supply of produce intended for the cooking courses is subject to unpredictability in the market, particularly for certain seasonal products or produce of an exceptional nature.
When unpredictable aspects of the market oblige Van d’Ouest to change the proposed recipe fundamentally, Van d’Ouest reserves the right to cancel the course booked and to reschedule it for a later date. Van d’Ouest will inform the client of this as soon as possible, will reschedule the course for a later date and book a place for the client on the course, if they so wish.
Training and trips entail the active participation of the client. The client agrees to take reasonable care and to abide by the health and safety instructions given to them by Van d’Ouest for the purpose of the successful running of the training, stay or trip.
Van d’Ouest cannot be held responsible for damage or injury caused to the person of the client or to the client’s belongings during the training, stay or trip. Van d’Ouest cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of objects and personal effects brought by the client. Van d'Ouest cannot be held responsible in the event of incorrect use of products or equipment used during and outside the context of the training. Technical information sheets sent to the client following the training do not necessarily reproduce all the information and data communicated to the client during the course. Van d’Ouest will ensure that these documents or information sheets reproduce the main information content.

Except for latent defects, any claim relating to the goods supplied must, at the risk of being void, be sent to us by registered letter within eight days of their receipt.

Article 6 - Ownership:

The technical data sheets offered by Van d’Ouest are the property of Van d’Ouest. The reproduction, representation and publication of these sheets is forbidden.