Françoise creates her baskets in practical shapes, without any artifice that would not contribute to their practical use;
defined gestures, continually repeated, since nothing is more beautiful than something that is useful.
The sharing, and passing on of a passion learned like playing a musical scale, in the bright shade of a willow - laughing not weeping, which will laugh again, long after we have passed … 

I discovered and learned about the capabilities of a traditional basket weaver and about wicker production alongside other basket weavers, proud of their expertise and traditions.

“We inhabit a marvellous region with fantastic growing land and a tradition for basket work. For many years I listened, felt, watched, touched and encountered, …
I encountered people with a passion and a basket making culture anchored in the lands of Lorraine, Burgundy, the Périgord, Brittany, Germany… I discovered and learned the capabilities of traditional basket making and wicker production in my country.
So many fine moments spent in the company of basket makers who are proud of their expertise and traditions.
I imbibed with my eyes, ears and hands. I made, and remade…. The witness to this was in my hands!
I taught for many years. I spent time with children who were more or less interested in studying, but certainly interested in learning and often curious and creative spirits. I wanted to teach something other than mathematics. I wanted to share my encounters, my discoveries, this knowledge that I have received and which comes from our hands, our art, and from our land.”

Communicating a skill

Learning is based on the recognition of the plant matter used, how it is cultivated and prepared, in order to discover the different weaving techniques used in basket making. It should enable learners to deal with knowledge, techniques, through the pleasure of discovery of the physical gesture involved.

Françoise is entirely flexible in teaching you weaving techniques. All courses are open to the general public, for beginners, amateurs, or people wishing to perfect their skills.

The art and craft of cooking

“For me, cooking is a skill that flourishes with local produce, in season, preferably organically produced, with flavour, and which is respectful of human health, the land and its rhythms.
We need to change our dietary habits for the benefit of our children: reducing the consumption of meat products, with a preference for shorter supply chains, using seasonal produce, encouraging organic cultivation.”

My objectives: simplicity, common sense, conviviality, gastronomy, dietetics, health and the environment